WORK IN PROGRESS : Seeking Elysium

Seeking Elysium is a collaboration with my two daughters whom are on the cusp of adolescence. As they begin to walk down the road to womanhood, our conversations have taken that unique turn into the world beyond our walls. Together, we have ventured to explore the issues that will face them in their lifetime. These images are sometimes blurred and foreboding in an effort to capture the emotion too many must face as we take on the challenges faced by young women still today. Utilizing the myths and stories of the Greek goddesses Persephone and Artemis, we have begun to piece together a tale that shows both these mighty girls in their power to both help humanity and their personal struggles to find their own place within the lives they have found themselves. The duality of power and helplessness resonates with all women today as we seek to rise above the centuries of a patriarchal culture, this collaboration works to empower us as we discuss, explore and tell the stories of ourselves and the women whose voice are still silent.


The current images show a dissection found in my girls personalities as well. Mia, as Persephone, is the more empathetic and reflective of the girls. Her issues often deal with her ability to recognize and seek ways to help and understand others. Lily, as Artemis, is more concerned with nature and magic. Her interests fall into the genre of conservation and the divinity of the natural world that surrounds us.



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